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Our innovative credit- and identity-related services can help you work toward your credit goals and provide industry-leading identity theft protection.

Credit Reports & Scores

Get your complete credit outlook as well as insights into your credit report profile from all three credit reporting bureaus (TransUnion®, Experian™ and Equifax®).

Credit Monitoring

Monitoring can alert you to suspicious activity as well as to new accounts and other changes. Our U.S.-based customer service team of experts can assist you with questions if anything looks suspicious.

ID Theft Monitoring

Your identity goes beyond your credit report. We actively monitor your Social Security number, change-of-address notifications, international and national most-wanted lists, and for your information on the dark web.

Identity Theft Insurance

With up to $1 million in identity theft insurance that covers out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, legal advice, and lost funds, you have financial peace of mind.*

Now with ScoreCasterIQ®

The ScoreCasterIQ tool goes beyond the typical credit report or credit score simulator. The ScoreCasterIQ report provides a detailed analysis of the credit report, recommended actions to take with accounts negatively impacting the score, and an interactive tool to educate and assist with general credit score scenarios.

Credit Reporting

The ScoreCasterIQ report includes customized analysis that can help a consumer determine which accounts are impacting their score. It highlights elements of each account that should be reviewed for accuracy and includes links to specific recommendations.


ScoreCasterIQ recommendations include a summary of all recommended actions based on the current credit report. These may include actions for the customer to consider that will have an impact in the short-term, like paying down debt or utilizing an existing account.


ScoreCasterIQ simulations help consumers identify the best potential way to positively manage their score in the short-term using one of two methods; “target score” or “best use of funds”. Target score simulations provide specific recommendations to reach the consumer’s credit score objective.

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